Sunday, September 20, 2020
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AA's 7th Tradition ONLINE donations - we are self-supporting


Self-supporting means

  • AA does not take government or any outside funding
  • AA runs on members donating money as they see fit - there are no fees or dues
  • These voluntary contributions can be made either via their group or directly to various parts of AA
  • Groups, local/ central services, districts, areas, regions, and the national services all perform different tasks. 
  • Therefore the WSO plan below suggests the donations are spread across these key bodies as bolded above

The most recent CSOSH Committee meeting advises that

  • it has retained sufficient funds to operate for 6 months, and
  • funds in excess of this amount in the CSOSH accounts have been donated to the AA General Service Office (GSO).

Until advised otherwise, the Southern Highlands Central Service Office (CSOSH) recommends: 

  • individuals and groups donate to AA's National/ General Service Office (GSO), the funds they would normally allocate to the CSOSH 

Individual donations:

Suggested Account Names below are to protect your privacy.

AA National/ General Service Office (GSO): 
Suggested Account Name: GSO Australia
BSB 012 006   
Acc. No:  009750529

AA Area B: 
Suggested Account Name: Area B Canberra 
BSB 062919   
Acc. No. 00921584

Southern Highlands Central Service Office
Account Name: CSOSH Inc 
BSB: 032 716
Account Number: 273019

Group Donations:

Each group is autonomous and can divide its excess funds, after keeping a prudent reserve in whatever way its group conscience decides.

Why donate regularly? Because:

  1. Money sitting in a bag OR a draw or personal bank account OR group bank account is NOT helping to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers - which is our primary purpose and responsibility.

  2. To be self-supporting, an individual group (which cannot print literature and do the other functions of the National Office, nor can be perform the tasks of the Area, nor the local outreach tasks of the local central service office) needs to donate to key AA bodies to ensure all key AA activities continue.

The 60:30:10 World Service Suggested Donation Plan:

See the Diagram below:

1. After keeping a prudent reserve
For meeting rent, refreshments, literature and other meeting costs

2. Divide the remainder into 3 portions
60% to your local/ central service office or CSO
30% to our national/general service office GSO
10% to our local Area (which is Area B Canberra)

For example: If a group has $100 over its prudent reserve, then

$60  to its local Central Service Office
$30  to our national AA General Service Office (GSO)
$10  to our Area B Canberra





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