Monday, October 14, 2019
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How do the forums work?


Our Highlands CSO has set up  forums software on our Highlands website.

To increase:

  • communication between the local groups and members as a closed group
  • allow all AA members  to make suggestions and talk about how we can better "carry the message".
  • click the Forum link in the top menu bar to access

Instructions for how to use the forums are in this section:

  • Please let us know if these instructions need to be clearer or you need need something explained that is not included in here.

How do the forums work?

  • Forums work somewhat like Facebook but are easier to follow as conversations/subjects are group together. And a non-AA body does not own our content

  • One needs to REGISTER first and be approved, then LOGIN to see conversations.
    • this can be done anytime of day or night

  • One can REPLY TO POST start a new conversations by clicking NEW TOPIC

  • One can receive a DAILY DIGEST - a summary of any posts the day before.
    • this can be a simple list of the topics, or
    • a full version with all the text of the conversations as well
  • One can be assigned to certain forums and not others, to be able to READ ONLY or be able to have FULL access

  • One can set up an anonymous poll (or vote) if you are a full user.

  • these forums are not meant to replace meetings, but be a support between meetings and strenghten our 3 legacies - Recovery, Unity, Service

If you need a computer lesson - we can do over the phone - please contact us

All members are encouraged to register for the forums

  • make up your own USERNAME (eg first name and initial) which will show inside the forums

  • send us your phone number so we can call to check you are a real person, and an AA member.
    (We get a lot of spam and gmail, yahoo accounts etc are not easy to verify)

  • noone will be able to directly contact you, other than our AA Committee who look after the web - unless you put your own contact information in your email SIGNATURE when making a post

  • you will receive a Daily Digest with links to any posts made the previous day - to remind you to come and look

  • these forums are not meant to replace meetings, but be a support between meetings and strenghten our 3 legacies - Recovery, Unity, Service

  • need a computer lesson - we can do over the phone - please contact us

  • any queries or hassles please contact us
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