Monday, October 14, 2019
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Forum Rules


Forum rules

Normal AA meeting practices are to be obversed.

  • focus on your recovery as it relates to the AA program
  • share experience, stength and hope etc.
  • forums online are closed to AA non-members

Under no circumstances are users to:

  • be rude, offensive or obscene
  • advertise products or services
  • promote specific religious, political or other beliefs
  • be critical of a specific member, product or service
  • defame or break copyright (text, images, audio-visuals) in any way
  • forward on forums posts to any other person even an AA member.
    (Instead - encourage other AA members to join the forums and receive their own posts)

  • posts or emails from CSOSH ONLY digests must not be forwarded to anyone, without CSOSH's explicit permission AND the author of the post.

    Let us know if this happens: contact CSO Southern Highlands
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