Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Festival of Recovery Ideas - 13th July 2019




  9.15A.M – 9.30 A.M        Welcome and Orientation to Festival - Adrian H. Area C Delegate                                          

09.30 A.M-09.50 A.M        Unity/Tradition 1   Ian Newcastle                                                           

09.50 A.M-10.10 A.M        The Power of Tradition and The Power of the purse/Concept 7 - Gabrielle N Area G Delegate

10.10 A.M-10.30 A.M        AA in the 21ST Century, AAs Internet presence - David (Victoria)                                                                               

10.30 A.M- 11.00 A.M       Break

11.00A.M-11.20 A.M         The General Service Structure - Chris S (GSO staff member)                                                                         

11.20 A.M-11.40 P.M        The role of the General Service Board - Steve R NR Trustee         

11.40 P.M- 12.00 P.M       How to rejuvenate an Area - Judy W ER Trustee                                 

12.00P.M – 1.10 P.M        Lunch

1.10 P.M- 1.30 P.M          Singleness of purpose - Rangi Sydney                                            

1.30 P.M- 1.50 P.M          Preparing new Delegates for Conference/ inspiring members to consider the Delegate job

                                       and Communication between Delegates between conferences - Garry S Area D Delegate

1.50 P.M- 2.10 P.M          Is personal recovery important when doing service?  Mark S Past Area D Delegate

2.10 P.M- 2.30 P.M          Break

2.30P.M- 2.50 P.M           FUN Debate session “AA was better in the Good Old Days”- Chris S (GSO staff member)

2.50 PM- 3.30 PM            ASK IT BASKET



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