Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Local Service Office (CSO) beginnings



Central Service Office for the Southern Highlands (CSOSH)

Over 2008-2009, local AA groups were invited to a series of meetings to discuss our local 12th and Public Information work.

The meeting on the 7th March 2009 discussed that

  • whilst Wollongong CSO did good work for the coast, it had little to offer, other than literature, to the Southern Highlands, due to our distance

  • if we started our own CSO, we would be eligible to buy literature
    at cost from the AA National Office thus allowing local groups to order their literature through us.

It was agreed that the local AA groups, except for literature, were already doing all functions of a Central Service Office (CSO), plus the Public Information role for the area.

The meeting then discussed that what was missing was a formal structure through which to work, to

  • share/ rotate the tasks so our own area would be fully self-supporting, and
  • so no one person or group had to carry all the load themselves.


It was Decided 1236454_10200193902284158_344938481_n_-_Copy

  • to accept responsibility for setting a formal structure up, having discussed that all AA service bodies had to have some legal structure eg Company, Non-profit association.

  • a non-profit association would be the simplest and best way to do this.

Only a minimum of seven members were needed to be formally involved and, like AA's Board that has non-alcoholic trustees, individual member's membership did not have to be made known publicly.

The incorporated association is required to have a Public Officer. This person does not need to be a member.

Groups and Local Members Welcome

To be involved in our local Central Service Office work, local AA members do not have to formally join, nor to break their own anonymity.

Each Group Secretary is invited, or arrange a representative, to to come to our quarterly meetings

All AA members are encouraged to come to support us with your ideas and interest.

Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone the contact names on our Contact Page.

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