Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Phone options @ 1st September 2017


National AA Phone Number

1300 22 22 22

When anyone dials the AA 1300 National Help line from anywhere in Australia the call goes through to St Ives in Sydney and then is re-routed to the nearest phone on duty to the origin of the call.

Current Phone

  1.  8250 7318 -  a Telstra Professional Message Bank Service, but we use as recorded message only.
  2. Not able to divert to another number
  3. Costs $39 per quarter

White pages

Have arranged a bold entry with website - called Create a Presence - $38.61 per month or $463.32 pa - due 9th February.

If want a new local phone number, we need to organise before February.

Options for diversion

Virtual Phone

  1. Engin could allocate an 0248 Bowral NSW Number to our non-profit organisation.
  2. That for $29.95 per month we could have unlimited calls into this phone number and diverted from this number to other phone numbers (local or mobile) without extra charge.
  3. We would have access to a LOGIN and PASSWORD via the website to be able to divert incoming calls per a roster
  4. We would be able to use the phone number provided for entry into the TELSTRA WHITE PAGES


Real Phone

Like NW Intergoup Website could

  1. buy an android mobile phone (cost ?)
  2. negotiate a special plan with Telstra eg $35 per month
  3. divert the incoming calls as per a roster
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