Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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Bowral Uniting Church Basement renovations


As many  local members would know the Bowral Uniting Church is renovating the basement of its church. In particular, is an upgrade of the 12 step meeting room .

Whilst our groups pay rent, our heartful appreciation goes to the Bowral Uniting Church for:

  • Their commitment to continuing to rent us their basement and for making the place so much more pleasurable to be in

  • Their dedicating a separate storeroom space for use only by 12th program groups - currently AA, NA, OA and GA.

Basic Information:

  • Keys have been issued to each group for access to the Basement Meeting Room and the Storeroom

  • Basement Meeting Room keys are numbered and the responsibility of each to the groups to which they have orginally been offered. As these keys have changed hands without being recorded as to who now has them, we are creating a whiteboard list that will hang behind the door.

    Please update the name and number of the key holder. This way the church can track a key if one is found or needs to be replaced

  • Storeroom keys have been cut with al least one for each of the meetings. Replacement keys will need to be arranged by contacting one of the CSOSH members. The CSO is willing to play a coordinating role here between the church and the 12th groups using it

  • Banners need to be put up and taken down each meeting. The church plans to rent the room out to other non-12th step groups and activities.

  • Cups, tea/coffee etc for AA meetings are in a separate box on a shelf on the right for the use by all Bowral AA groups.

    Please wash cups and return after each meeting.
  • Tea/coffee/biscuits for AA meetings are a separate boxes on a shelf on the right for the use by all Bowral AA groups.

    Please make sure your group adds to the supply when you see the supply of an item getting low - be self-supporting!

  • AA literature information can be found here.

  • Locking up: Each meeting is asked to make sure that the 12th step group's Storeroom as well as the meeting room is locked when the last person leaves.

 If you need more information, please email cso @ aash.org.au or text the CSO Secretary on 0419 498 768

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