Monday, April 06, 2020
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AGM 2018 Report


Note: As of April 2020, it was discovered that the white pages have not continued to invoice the CSOSH for the white pages. An online entry does exist - see here.

Our current annual expenditure estimate is $660 for these three services - this local AA Website (, Highlands FM Radio (2 x daily ads x 365)and local Phone Number (02 4858 0555) which is linked to 1300 222 222

The AGM was held  on Saturday 24th November 2018 after the Saturday Bowral Meeting.

Because our CSO has not been able to identify members willing to be active members of the CSO Committee, The AGM resolved that the CSOSH take a limited Caretaker role, until such time as we have enough members willing to take an active role.

New CSOSH Office Bearers:
Chair: Rod (Thursday Bowral) Vice Chair: Linda (Thursday Bowral) Secretary/Treasurer: Steve ( Friday Bowral)

Automatic deductions for the main services have been set up to achieve this. To keep these services going, contributions as outlined below are needed from geroups or individual members.

To run the services below, the CSOSH needs $96 per month : $288 per quarter :  or $1,152 per annum

This represents $12 per group per month (8 groups) : $36 a quarter : or $144 each year.

Also Linda and Rod were approved as additional signatories on the accounts.   As a non-profit association, monies being transferred are protected by needing 2 to sign. This can be done online from anywhere.   

Will your AA group or you, as an individual AA, help

to “Carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers”

in the Highlands?

Our monthly cover for the following is

$ 8 - Local AA Website (

$17 - Highlands FM Radio (2 x daily ads)

$30 - Local Phone Number (02 4858 0555)

$41 - White Pages (Online and in local book) 

One-off deposits from any member or group are welcome anytime :-)

Your contributions can be paid into:

Bank: Westpac Bowral NSW 2576

Account Name: CSOSH Inc

BSB: 032-716

Account Number: 273019

Doing this will not break your anonymity as the Account Name

(CSOSH Inc) does not identify Alcoholics Anonymous.

If members or groups can continue to make donations at least

every quarter then the regular deductions will take care of

themselves for the foreseeable future.

 Information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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