Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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AA Newcomers Support Group - Saturdays 2pm


AA Newcomers Support Group

Unfortunately we have had to temporarily close the Saturday afternoon beginners group due to the increase in rent. We will advise people via sms or email when we have a more financially viable location, we apologise for the inconvenience. Contact: Sharron 0490 181 236.  

Saturdays at 2:00 pm

Yet to be arranged.

We welcome any ideas from the about what would help them stay sober ODAT (One Day at a Time) when they first started coming to AA, and what might have "put them off" from coming back to another meeting

For: New Members:
This is a really difficult time for most beginners, and we want to offer special support and information to them

For: Longer Term Members
Of course we would really welcome any other members who have a bit of time up. This will be an open meeting of AA

To be decided

Group Guidelines:

There won't be any rules in this group - they tried this in the early days of AA and it didn' t work.

We feel the AA philosophy of sharing our own experience, strength, and hope with other alcoholics,  and then listening to them rather than telling them what they "should" be doing. Unless our new  group conscience says otherwise, there will be freedom to get coffee, go outside and have a smoke any time during the meeting. People will not be prohibited from sharing if they have had a drink that day, unless they become "agro" and someone will gently usher them outside and have a chat.

We want newcomers to always feel unconditional love and acceptance from their first meeting. We will encourage gentle, compassionate sharing and listening among everyone in our wonderful fellowship. We've had enough failures and we believe alcoholism is a disease, and only love and acceptance will help us hang in there. We're here to help ourselves and others to get " well, not to get "good".

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