Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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The pre-conference Assembly - October 12th.



Hi Everyone,

Please find attached the Topics to be discussed at the November 2019 General Service Conference.
You will note that all 3 ER Area Bs topics were approved for discussion.
I encourage you all to please take the Topics to your Group  Conscience for discussion to determine how you would like to vote at Conference. The pre-conference Assembly is being held on October 12th.
So that the Groups in our Area has a voice in AA Australia, we would be most grateful for all GSRs or an alternate to attend the Assembly with the Groups voting preferences on each Topic. 
To ensure that your Group Conscience is informed  I encourage you all to seek guidance from the Group
handbook and the AA Service Manual and Guidelines which are available on the AA Service website
Members of the Area B Committee are also available to come to speak about the Topics at your Group Conscience. If your Group is interested please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Yours in service,
Area B 

Download: This document has the explanation of each Topic.

Topic 008:

AA could do with a few more colour A4 PI poster options. Please find my suggested options attached. 

Topic 012:

Encourage alcoholic-addicts to maintain anonymity as a drug addict at AA meetings.


Topic 016:

To compile and publish a selection of personal stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander AA members, their journey to AA and experience, strength and hope.


Topic 019:

Amend the Australian Conference Charter on page 72 of the Australian Service Manual, (restoring it to our founder Bill W’s original wording) to read that “Area Delegates make up at least two thirds of the Conference body”.  


Topic 024:

Advisory Action #006/2017

Conference resolved to reject the proposal to include additional information on disruptive behaviours in the AA Group Handbook. However, it was resolved that the proposer be asked to consider submitting two topics at another General Service Conference –
(1) a Guideline of Safety in AA and
(2) a paragraph for addition to the AA Group Handbook

referencing the Guideline.


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