Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Public Information & Co-operation with Professionals in the Community


NOTE: Program at the end of this webpage, and copy of a suggested invitation for non-AA member/s to attend.

Hi Everyone,

Tradition Five of our Fellowship states that “Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers”. Many AA members are doing 12th Step work effectively with alcoholics who still suffer.

The focus of this PI&CPC Forum, being held at the Dougherty Centre, Chatswood on 13-14 September, is to provide AA members with an opportunity to obtain information and understand how to engage with the general community who interface with suffering alcoholics AND to assist the general public and the Professional Community in their understanding of how AA can improve chances of recovering from alcoholism.

On Friday, 13 September, an open AA meeting for the General Public is being held. AA members are encouraged to bring a friend or a professional contact who is interested is understanding how AA can improve chances of recovering from alcoholism. A flyer is attached for this meeting and a template for an invitation letter if a member wishes to send a written invitation.

A flyer with the program for Saturday, 14 September is attached. The day’s program will provide information about existing AA service work being undertaken throughout Australia, how to meet with non-AA members, anonymity (including in the digital age) and future  service action opportunities including those that AA members and groups could participate in.

Your cooperation in distributing the e-mail to AA members in the Area and encouraging attendance at the Forum will assist in ensuring an effective contribution to the legacy of service in our Fellowship.

Will you please ask attendees to register on the Eventbrite website using the following link:  or phone either Chris on 0409 952 863 or John on 0419 219 657. This will assist with catering and managing the organisation of the Forum.

Yours in Service,

John B.

Forum Committee Member  


Suggestion if wishing to extend a written invitation to a non-AA member to attend the Open Meeting for the General Public on the Friday evening, 13 September

Dear ___________ (name of Invitee),

I warmly invite you to an Open Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous on 13 September 2019 at the Dougherty Community Centre, Chatswood between 6-9pm.

The aim of this meeting is to give the General Public a better understanding of alcoholism as an illness, and how AA has been helping some alcoholics to recover for the past 80 years.

The program includes as speakers; members of AA, sharing their experiences, and Professionals in the fields of Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychology, who have witnessed in their Patients the benefits of AA Membership.

The Open Meeting is part of the two-day National AA PI&CPC* Forum.

If you care to attend, please register on the Eventbrite website using the following link:, or phone either Chris on 0409 952 863 or John on 0419 219 657.

The details of the event are enclosed in the attachment

Kind regards


*Public Information and Cooperation with Professionals in the Community



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