Friday, December 04, 2020
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Online Meetings in General


Dear members

The benefits of AA meetings or contact online is explained here:
Whilst some groups or websites cannot be officially endorsed by AA, "Linking to another website does not constitute an endorsement of that organisation by Alcoholics Anonymous Australia. You will now be transferred to the site”, there are a number of links to investigate:
  1. The Australian Online Intergroup (AOIG) is at
  2. The International online group which serves as administrative committee for many of the online meetings is at:

I have investigated this IN THE ROOMS website:

and I am surprised at how many online meetings of AA and other 12th step video groups aand recovery groups are being held via this website. Other weblinks may be equally helpful or better. We are all different in what helps us.

In IN THE ROOMS, there seems to be a meeting somewhere in the world very often. An image of what the scene looks like below.

To use these you will need to register on the website - 

• You can use a Username that does not identify you

• You will need to have an email and confirm you have registered via your email box.

• You do not have to have a webcam or photo if you don’t want to. 

• You can watch or listen without having to participate 
• And ask to participate without having to show yourself ie use as a phone conference.

Please be patient with setting yourself up. 

Take the process one step at a time.

If you need help or support, we will do our best to help. Contact us here
Take care. Stay sober, Stay safe.

CSOSH Webmaster.
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