Friday, December 04, 2020
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What to expect when you receive an invite to a local AA online meeting?


What to expect when you receive an invite to a local AA online meeting?  

As we are a small country area, we like to protect our members privacy.

If you are someone from out of area and we do not recognise your name or email, we may email you for more information.

1. After you request to join a particular meeting (see here),  you will receive an email that looks like this:zoom-meeting-invite-sample

2. Click the link, and a webpage will open which looks like this. Complete the your registeration - you do not have to put your full name.



3. When you receive your meeting approval (see next image), you will see where you can join online - note the password in the email . 

You will be able to join by phone - NOTE the cost of the phone call will be at your expense. 
Check with your phone provider about this cost to you. 

4. Click the Join Online Link as shown in image below.

You may also try clicking the Add to Calendar link


5. When you click through,  this webpage will open.

6. Click to open the app :


7.  If the meeting has not started you may need to wait until the host opens the meeting

8. A new window will open: 



 9. Click to join:


 10. You should see yourself if your camera is on. 

  • You can turn your video off if you do not want to be seen.
  • You can check your settings while waiting 



This is our first go at trying to give you some idea of what you are facing to join us. There may be mistakes :-(

Please send us an email so we can update this page if it has errors.


There are a number of information pages which may be able to assist us all.

VIDEO TUTORIALS - You may need to sign up (free) to access these

Let's try this experiment together!

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