Friday, December 04, 2020
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What to expect when you download the Zoom app?


What to expect when you download the Zoom app? 

When you click this link - - to download the Zoom App,

Choose "Zoom Client For Meetings"

Then click download.


A new pop out window will display - it may look different if you have different browser eg. Crome, Safari.

Choose Open with

Click OK


Your computer or phone will see if this application can be run by your computer

Click Continue


If your computer or phone will not install, email us. 

Click Join a Meeting

Click your Zoom App symbol - this pop up box should appear/


 Click Join


This window will open:


Type in the Meeting ID if you know it, click JOIN and follow the prompts.

If you do not know the Meeting ID, click CANCEL and ....

Go to the Online Meetings Webpage and click on the Meeting Invite for the meeting you want

A pop up window will open.

If you miss out, or something goes wrong - click here


Rather than wait until the meeting time, join the meeting now, or 15-30 mins before hand.

A new screen will open - and look like this on a laptop - it may look different on mobiles or other devices.


Have a play around with putting your video on and off, the microphone on or off etc. so you can be familiar with what to expect.

Unless you are sharing, it is best to turn your microphone off.

This menu bar on the bottom of a laptop - but different devices may display differently.


The two left hand icons allow you to

  • mute and un-mute your microphone
  • turn your microphone on and off.

Click the participants icon to see the people who are in the Zoom room. 

To leave the meeting, click the "Leave Meeting" link in red shown on the left-hand side.

This menu bar on the top of a laptop - but different devices may display differently.

This displays some of the people in the Zoom room - Click on Blue arrow on the right hand side to see more


Only one or two people may be displayed on a mobile phone - try swiping to see what you can find.

Double click on an image to bring that person into the main frame

That way you don't have to see yourself :-)

Double click the person who is sharing if their video is on - you can pick up on non-verbal clues that enhance their sharing with you.

This is our first go at trying to give you some idea of what you are facing to join us.  

Please send us an email so we can update this page if it has errors.


There are a number of information pages which may be able to assist us all.

VIDEO TUTORIALS - You may need to sign up (free) to access these

Let's try this experiment together!


If you miss out, or something goes wrong - click here

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