Friday, December 04, 2020
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  • Feeling unwell - please don’t attend
  • All attendees are required to provide their first name and contact phone number on entering the meeting
  • Use hand sanitiser as they enter and leave the Basement Room.
  • Are welcome to provide and wear their own mask
  • Are advised no bathroom facilities are available at the church - closest facilities are in Coles and Coles/Springett Arcade Carpark
  • Are advised to bring own literature as needed by the meeting format
  • Attendees are urged to download the Government’s COVIDSafe App, but this is not mandatory.


Meeting size capped at 12 attendees.

  • Due to the size of the room this is the maximum capacity to abide by the current social distancing measures.
  • Should more than 12 people turn up for a meeting, each group through a groupcconscious vote, will need to decide how they will proceed.


  1. Only allow 12 people to attend and turn the remainder away.
  2. Have a pre-registration system for meetings
  3. Divide the time of the meeting and running 2 meetings of a shorter time (ie. 2 x 45minute meetings) with a 15 minute airing and sanitising of the room between the two. Any member who stays for the 2nd meeting would have to provide contact tracing details for both meetings.
  4. Where available, ZOOM meetings are to be encouraged at each face to face meeting should the group have the technology and experience to do so, to reach more members.

Contact Tracing of attendees.

  • In order to adhere to contact government tracing regulations, and ensure AA can quickly access this information, it is important that all AA groups follow the same procedure.
  • All attendees are required to provide their first name and contact phone number, as a condition of entry to the Uniting Church Basement Room.
  • First names and contact telephone numbers are to be written on individual pieces of paper (about a business card size) and then placed in a sealed envelope which has the group’s name and date on it. 
  • Each meeting envelope is to be stored in Tracing Contact box in the AA cupboard for a
  • Minimum period of 6 weeks and no longer than 8 weeks, at which time “expired” meeting contact information would be removed and destroyed by the relevant Group’s Secretary.

Cleaning and Sanitising

  • Hand sanitizer is to be available and used by all attendees as they enter and leave the Room.
  • At the conclusion of each meeting it is the responsibility of each secretary or their nominee to sanitise or supervise the sanitisation of the premises. This would involve the wiping of all chairs, tables, door handles and general infrastructure surfaces with disinfectant.
  • A sanitising register will be located on the back of the front door. The secretary or their nominee will be required to initial the register the last thing before locking the door.
  • Purchasing of disinfectant and cleaning products would need to be a combined effort of all groups in lieu of providing tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • Saturday Morning Living Sober is happy to purchase the initial start-up kit. This would consist of a “working kit” and a “back-up kit”.
  • Should a group remove an item from the “back-up kit” the secretary (or nominee) will be required to text 0421 045 617 to advise which product has been used in order for it to be replaced in a timely manner.
  • A donation box for the replacement of cleaning/sanitising products will be located in the AA cupboard. Groups are asked to donate to this, to provide the on-going restocking of  items in lieu of coffee/tea et al. Without the appropriate products the room will not be able to open. Receipts of products purchased will be available to anyone who requires proof of purchase via the Saturday Living Sober Meeting treasurer.
  • Any literature distributed during a meeting would require a quarantine time of no less than 48 hours.

*   No tea/coffee or refreshments are to be provided.

*   Face Masks

  • Will not be provided by the AA group.
  • Attendees are welcome to provide and wear their own masks

Bathroom Facilities will NOT be available

  • Due to the increased and cumbersome cleaning guidelines set down by the government, it is in our best interest to decline the use of the toilet facilities. 
  • These amenities are used by the current builders on site as well as other groups using the church property. 
  • By eliminating our access to these facilities we would not be required to disinfect this area.

            Alternate facilities               

  • Due to the Groups would need to let attendees know the location of nearest facilities (Coles and Coles Carpark).



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