Friday, December 04, 2020
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Brand new to AA in the Highlands?


Is Alcohol costing you more than money?

Before Covid-19 we met in church or community rooms. Now we meet in Zoom Online Meetings.

One thing to realise is that every one who attends AA understands your concerns because they were once like you. They make no judgements and are committed to keeping your privacy. 

Concerned about your anonymity online?

4 steps:

1. Call and talk with one of our local members:

Rod 0412 082 847
Ro 0419 498 768

2. We recommend attending at least 6 online meetings in Sydney or Canberra.

There is a huge range available online now. So it is very unlikely anyone would know you there.

Some tips:
  • You are able to sign up for Zoom with a First Name and Surname Initial.
  • You can have a gmail account that does not idenitify you if you need to register.
  • You can turn your video off. 
  • It is unlikely you would be asked to share. However, you can decline by saying you are new and prefer to just listen.
3. When you feel more comfortable, email us so we can assist you joining one of our local online meetings.

4. If you miss out, or something goes wrong - click here

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